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A lifeline to women, Meta House gets lifeline of its own

December 11, 2016 – Read story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

You remember Laurie Hastings don’t you? The girl next door? Honor student? Sang in the choir? Ever wonder what happened to Laurie?

Well, after high school, she met the wrong guy, had a baby and became a heroin addict.

That’s not her entire story, thanks to Meta House, an agency that, since 1963, has been providing alcohol and drug abuse services specifically designed for women and their families.

Originally a single house (it had belonged to a woman named Meta Orth, hence its name) with enough room to treat seven women recovering from alcoholism, Meta House provided services to 424 women and 242 children in 2015.

Besides its Riverwest campus at the old St. Casimir school, rectory and convent, Meta House also manages 27 apartments for transitional housing and Shorewood House.

Meta House’s mission has perhaps never been so critical.

The organization estimates that more than 18,000 women struggle with addiction in Milwaukee.

According to the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office, a record 262 people have died from drug overdoses by the end of November 2016, outstripping the 254 total deaths in 2015, which was itself a record.

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