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Welcome to Bader Philanthropies

Bader Philanthropies, Inc. invests in people and their communities, here in Milwaukee, across Wisconsin and in places throughout the world.

For years, you have known us as the Helen Bader Foundation. Now as Bader Philanthropies, we continue the legacy of Helen’s passion for people, while furthering Isabel and Alfred Bader’s shared interests. Our one goal is to make our communities — and the world — better places to live.


Bader Philanthropies operates with one
team and one process to support the aims
of two distinctive charitable funds.


The Helen Daniels Bader Fund (HDBF) will continue Helen’s interest in healthier older adults, as well her passion for the arts and creativity. HDBF will further healthy aging in Wisconsin, particularly with respect to the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as our efforts to address Alzheimer’s in Israel. In Milwaukee, HDBF will bring community arts to underserved audiences, while the Helen Bader Scholarship Fund will continue to keep a Jewish day school education in reach for local families.


The Isabel and Alfred Bader Fund (IABF) will continue the many interests of the Baders, here in Milwaukee and across the world. IABF will support Isabel and Alfred’s interest in strengthening low-income Milwaukee families through our Workforce Development and Community Partnerships for Youth areas. IABF will also continue a commitment to Jewish Education in greater Milwaukee, as well as encompass issues on a broader scale, including our Community Initiatives and Directed Grants programs.

As Bader Philanthropies, we will continue to make a difference for years and years to come. Join us.