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“Pure serenity”: Equine therapy provides peace for veterans in Milwaukee

August 6, 2021

MILWAUKEE — A new equine therapy program is making an impact in its first few weeks off the ground.

The MKE Urban Stables is home to a one-of-a-kind program across the U.S. with police horses and equine therapy under one roof. Their goal is to impact the lives of participants, like veterans and youth, through these programs.

Glenn Scheuermann is an Army veteran who has a passion for horses. He said they have helped provide him with a sense of peace.

Scheuermann heard about the MKE Urban Stables programming through the Milwaukee VA’s recreational therapists. In just the first few weeks of being inside the stables and working with the horses, Scheuermann has found the therapy to be emotionally helpful.

“Relaxation, I guess. When I am with them, I am calm,” Scheuermann said.

Scheuermann said he has been dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and trust issues. However, when he’s with the horses, his problems all seem to disappear.

“Just pure serenity. If I could be here 24/7, I would be,” Scheuermann said.

He spends his free time side by side with the equine therapy horses at the stables, taking care of them by grooming, cleaning stalls and providing love and attention to the horses. He’s found that he’s not only taking care of just the horses, but also himself as well.

It’s a realization that Kent Lovern, president of the board of directors for MKE Urban Stables said he is proud to help provide for the community.

“These are people who have served our county and people who we really owe a debt of gratitude for, and its nice to be able to have something here to help strengthen their healing and makes them feel happier about life,” Lovern said.

The Urban Stables have only been open for a few weeks for equine therapy, and in that time they are already seeing an impact on those who come in to volunteer. Their efforts have gained the attention of donors like Bader Philanthropies, which helped get the program off the ground with a recent $100,000 grant towards equine therapy.​