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Awarding grants is what we do, and compassion is why we do it.  Whether it’s funding arts programs that bridge the gap between kids and older adults, or helping people gain skills to attain jobs to raise families, our work helps make life better for people in the communities we serve. Simply put, we connect people with people who can help because that’s the only way real change happens.


Established in 1992

9,969 GRANTS

Awarded to great programs and projects

508.8 MILLION+

Funded since 1992

Program Related Investments

Even the best ideas have limitations, unless they have adequate support. That’s where Program Related Investments (PRIs) can help. Since 1995, Bader Philanthropies has looked for opportunities to build on our Wisconsin grants programs through investment tools that enable a select number of nonprofit or for-profit ideas to take flight.


Established in 2000

64 PRIs

Awarded as Loans, Loan Guarantees, Credit Enhancements and Equity Investments


Allocated to Program Related Investments

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