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Alzheimer's & Healthy Aging

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Alzheimer’s & Healthy Aging
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Number of Grants Awarded in Alzheimer's & Healthy Aging
1,709 Grants
Dollar Amount Awarded in Alzheimer's & Healthy Aging
65 Million+

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For two decades, Bader Philanthropies has brought together partners from across the state and around the world to support families with compassion, creativity and the latest knowledge. Together, we have helped make Wisconsin a national leader in how we view growing older.

Our partners are committed to helping older adults remain safe in order to age in place; to creating opportunities for older adults to learn and use technology in order to stay connected with family and friends; and to providing caregivers, professionals and students with educational opportunities. Our current Alzheimer’s & Healthy Aging strategies include:

  • Services & Support for Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias
  • Critical & Basic Needs for Older Adults
  • Programming for Healthy Aging
  • Education, Training, & Awareness
  • Retirement & Older Adult Employment