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Program Related Investments

Grant Area
Program Related Investments
Number of PRIs Awarded
64 PRIs
Dollar Amount Awarded to PRIs
26 Million+

Bader Philanthropies is committed to catalyzing the growth and development of vibrant communities. Our team works with organizations and individuals to explore promising ideas that have the potential to enhance the well being of individuals; generate positive economic results and help underrepresented groups bring ideas to life.

Established in 2000, The Foundation awarded 55 PRIs in the form of low interest loans, loan guarantees, credit enhancements and equity investments. The total financial allocation amounts to $21.5 million and counting.

Two recent program related investments revived a vacant building in the Harambee neighborhood. Shalem Healing, Inc. and Sam’s Place were awarded program related investments which enabled them to expand their facilities and meet the spoken needs of Harambee neighbors – a health care facility and a restaurant where friends and family can gather.

Shalem Healing, formerly located in the Riverwest neighborhood, offers a wide range of integrated medical and holistic care. The medical care provided by Shalem Healing is at a reduced rate or on a sliding scale based on the patient’s income. Refua Medicinals brings together traditional Chinese medicine and modern nutritional science. The result is an array of teas that enhance the well being of Shalem Healing patients and other health conscious consumers. Sam’s Place is a jazz eatery owned by an African American entrepreneur and renowned jazz musician who grew up in the neighborhood.