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Social Equality

Grant Area
Social Equality
Geographic Boundaries

Czech Republic and Israel

Number of Grants Awarded in Social Equality
386 Grants
Dollar Amount Awarded in Social Equality
16.4 Million+

Photo Credit: Tuke.TV

Bader Philanthropies established the Social Equality program area in 2015 to reflect Isabel and Alfred Bader’s longtime belief in empowering those on society’s margins. For Alfred, his outlook was shaped by his experience as a youth, when he fled Vienna in the 1930s via the Kindertransport rescue effort ahead of the looming Nazi threat across Europe. Today, Social Equality aims to continue that spirit through partnerships that empower communities that may be marginalized, but still striving to make a mark on culture, economics, and education.

Our partners are committed to helping people, young and old, live enriching lives. They are helping young people attain the academic skills and knowledge to succeed; inspiring cultural connection and pride through positive media exposure; and stimulating the vitality of the economy. Our current Social Equality strategies include:

  • Improving Education for Czech Roma Students
  • Leadership Development for Czech Roma Young Adults
  • Educational Achievement for Ethiopian Israelis
  • Economic Advancement for Ethiopian Israelis
  • Entrepreneurship & Workforce Access in East Jerusalem
  • Cultural Connections & Leadership in East Jerusalem