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The Arts
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Number of Grants Awarded in The Arts
467 Grants
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18.5 Million+

Through our dedicated arts program, we bring the arts closer to audiences who have traditionally been underserved in Milwaukee. We believe that low-cost, accessible arts programming helps build bridges and increase cross-cultural understanding. Just as importantly, we believe a healthy, diverse arts community is a major factor in the vitality of the larger community.

We also bring arts and creativity into our program areas when it fits with our strategies. For example, our Alzheimer’s & Healthy Aging and Youth Development programs creatively approach funding with an eye toward culturally inclusive artistic programming, which furthers intergenerational engagement.

Our partners are committed to making all forms of art accessible to people of all ages; encouraging cross-cultural connections; and ensuring that people of all backgrounds and experiences have opportunities to develop their artistic talents. Our current Arts strategies include:

  • Building Resilient Communities
  • Inclusion & Accessibility
  • Milwaukee Arts Vibrancy
  • Professional Excellence in the Arts

Photo Credit: Alondra Arteaga