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Jewish Education
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Number of Grants Awarded in Local Education
743 Grants
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45.6 Million+

Photo Credit: Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Inc.

Since 1992, Judaic values have been woven into the fabric of the Foundation’s mission and its support of its diverse partners. Preserving Judaic cultural heritage continues through education provided in a rigorous academic environment, steeped in the Judaic values; enriching educational opportunities for teachers to grow; and educational opportunities outside of the classroom for students to discover their talents and honor timeless Judaic teachings.

The Milwaukee Jewish Federation created the Helen Daniels Bader Jewish Education Fund in 2020, the largest permanent endowment for Jewish education in Wisconsin. The $12 million endowment enables Bader Hillel Academy, Bader Hillel High, Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Torah Academy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study and Yeshiva Elementary School to offer families tuition assistance, enhance teacher benefits, update facilities and remain current on teaching pedagogy.