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“I loved my work and looked forward to each day, wondering whom I could help that day.”
Dr. Alfred Bader

Alfred Bader’s philanthropic legacy is guided by his love of the arts, chemistry and the Judaic faith. It is steeped in Dr. Alfred Bader’s experience as a refugee, chemist, businessman and art collector. Dr. Bader, co-founder of Aldrich Chemical Company, a family-owned business that began in a rented garage which later moved into Milwaukee’s central city created family sustaining jobs for hundreds for decades.

The Books

The Two Volume Set: Adventures of a Chemist Collector and Chemistry & Art: Further Adventures of a Chemist Collector by written by Dr. Alfred Bader chronicles his life, passion for chemistry and the arts and philanthropy.


In his retirement years, Dr. Bader pursued his love of 17th-century Baroque art, including Dutch and Flemish masters such as Rembrandt and his followers.

Click here to view the Northern European Paintings in the Collection of Isabel and Alfred Bader at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Accomplishments Timeline

Dr. Alfred Bader was born on April 28, 1924 in Vienna, Austria.
At the age of 14, Dr. Bader was sent to England under the Kindertransport program, which removed thousands of Jewish children from Germany and German-annexed countries.
Dr. Bader enrolled at Queen’s University, where he earned multiple degrees – Bachelor of Science in engineering chemistry, Bachelor of Arts in history and a Master of Science in chemistry.
Dr. Bader co-founded Aldrich Chemical Company with his friend and attorney, Jack Eisendrath. The company expanded and moved to Milwaukee’s central city in 1958.
Isabel and Alfred Bader first met in July 1949 and were married in 1982.
Did you know?
In addition to being a chemist, businessman and art collector, Dr. Alfred Bader wrote and published two books. “Adventures of a Chemist Collector” and “Chemistry & Art: Further Adventures of a Chemist Collector”
Did You Know?
Aldrich Chemical Company was founded by Dr. Bader in 1951.
Did You Know?
The Alfred Bader Fine Arts gallery in Milwaukee, was founded by Dr. Bader and Marvin Klitsner in 1961.